Dr. Sangeeta Rewatkar


Consultant Physician in Health Check up Department


M.D Internal Medicine

Years of experience

25 years

Expertise & specialties

  • Routine health checks
  • Lifestyle management
  • Diagnoses & advising further management
  • Patient counselling

Professional Bio

Dr Sangeeta Rewatkar is currently associated as consultant Physician in Health Checkup Department at Zydus Hospitals Ahmedabad. She has previously worked with Apollo Hospitals International Ahmedabad and Sterling Hospital Ahmedabad.
She has worked as panel physician for US Visa immigration health checkups, co-corporate and routine health checkups, OP & IP medicine patients.


  • M.D. (Medicine) passed in March '96 from K.M.School of Post Graduate Medicine-Gujarat University.
    Registered under Gujarat Medical council on 20.06.1996 No. G-7164
  • M.B.B.S. Passed in December'91, from Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College-Gujarat University.
    1 st MBBS : Year of passing : January 1989, Gujarat University
    2 nd MBBS : Year of passing : May 1990, Gujarat University
    3 rd MBBS : Year ot" passing : December 1991, Gujarat University
  • Registered under Gujarat Medical council on 17.04.1993 No. G-20876

Research And Dissertation

A study of reperfusion arrthymias after thrombolytic therapy in Acute Myocardial infarction.