• MRI With Dv 25 Upgrade
  • BMD Machine
  • Digital X-ray
  • Mammography Machine
  • Video EEG
  • 4D Echo & General Ultrasound

Gemstone Spectral Imaging Technology
(First of its kind in Asia)

  • CT scan - dual energy, 256 slice CT Scan
  • 4 beat cardiac scan
  • CT Fluoroscopy for once-diagnostics - shortens procedure time and reduces radiation
  • Only one CT exposure required to derive iodinebased, fat-based and water-based images

Benefit to Patients:

  • Enables the radiologists to detect the elements within each tumour. Just through one procedure we can detect whether the tumour is benign or malignant, thus minimising the need for a biopsy and the risk of radiation
  • The 256-slice Computed Tomography (CT) system offers technology that is right for physicians in every clinical specialty and provides answers from one CT examination. The Revolution CT is able to address these challenges by freezing cardiac motion in one heartbeat, reducing metal artifacts, and offering the potential for sedation-free CT scanning. The system also offers benefits for sensitive patient groups such as paediatrics and those with renal insufficiency, trauma and stroke

The most advanced silent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology with 32 channels
(First in Gujarat)

Benefit to Patients:

  • Its full 3.0 Tesla magnet and 70 em bore work together to generate extraordinary image quality without compromises. The result for clinicians is new levels of diagnostic performance
  • Patients benefit from a more comfortable scan experience. Beyond the widened bore and soft, flexible coils, the table surface has been completely redesigned to help alleviate pressure points for a more relaxing examination
    • Whole body silent scan (sound level at 80 dB instead of 120 dB)
    • Silent Diffusion and cube double inversion recovery to detect multiple sclerosis, any white matter diseases via neuro imaging
    • MAVRIC SLTl for implant artifacts reduction
    • Propeller suite
    • TURBO LAVA for abdomen imaging
    • TURBO BRAVO for breast imaging
    • Considerable reduction in time for MSK imaging

Bone Mineral Density machine with a fan beam XRay is capable of advanced diagnostics such as:

  • Dual energy vertebral assessment
  • Advanced hip assessment
  • Total body composition
  • Digital X-Ray with a single detector is capable of increasing the throughput by 3 times as compared to an analog X-Ray

Benefit to Patients:

  • Radiation dose is 58% lower with DRF
  • The analog machine for mammography has two buckets so, different sizes of the specimen can be accommodated
  • 32 Channel EEG (a world acclaimed product) is used for diagnostic EEG, Epilepsy monitoring, long-term video EEG and brain disorders

(First in Ahmedabad)

  • Live 40 applications for any part of the anatomy
  • Single probe solutions for 2D, 3D and 4D
  • Live 40 echocardiography