Plastic & Reconstructive

What is the role of Plastic Surgery in Cancer Management?

The main aim of Plastic Surgical Treatment in cancer management is to restore function and appearance of body parts which are need to be removed. As a part of cancer treatment your look and function after cancer removal like speaking, chewing, swallowing is deppend on the quality of plastic surgery done at the time of surgery

Which cancer affected body parts can be reconstructed with Plastic Surgery?

  • All parts of oral cavity like Lip, Tongue, Buccal Mucosa, Jaw bone & Palate
  • Breast
  • Any Bony / Soft tissue defect

Which Plastic Surgical procedures are utilisable for cancer management?

  • Basic plastic surgery like pedicle flaps & Skin grafts
  • Advanced Plastic Surgery Procedure like Free Flaps

What are the latest Plastic Surgical techniques used for cancer reconstruction?

The most common and latest techniques utilisable for reconstruction of cancer area is called Free Microvascular Tissue Transfer (Free Flap Surgery). It’s a kind of tissue transplant similar to kidney and liver transplant surgery. The main difference is patients own body parts, be it skin, muscle or bone, along with their supplying blood vessels are taken. These tissues are transferred to required site, fixed with stitches and their supplying blood vessels are joined with local available blood vessels under microscope with the help of finest sutures which are even thinner than the human hair.

What are the advantages of Free Flap Surgery?

  • Better and faster recovery
  • Best functional and cosmetic outcomes
  • Surety of cancer removal
  • Hidden scar so no evidence of major surgery
  • Bony reconstruction possible, i.e. Jawbone reconstruction is possible with leg bone (Fibula bone)

What is the aim of Breast Reconstruction?

As a part of treatment of Breast Cancer, when a part or whole of the breast is removed, and if reconstruction is not done, a female patient would have lifelong psychological trauma, the trauma of having lost her breast or having a deformed breast with the help of latest Plastic Surgery Techniques it is possible to reconstruct part or entire Breast which help to regain self confidence and sense of feminity.

Why reconstruction at Zydus Cancer Hospital?

  • Zydus Cancer Hospital has a dedicated and experienced team of cancer reconstructive plastic surgery in India
  • Zydus Cancer Hospital is amalgamation of most experienced onco surgeons, best microscopes and infrastructure
  • All diagnosis, treatment and supportive care under one roof