Medical Oncology

What is Medical Oncology?

Medical Oncology is a modality of treatment in cancer care which uses chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy to treat cancer in an effective manner. Medical Oncology usually works in conjunction with surgical oncology and radiation oncology to give the best clinical outcomes. A medical oncologist is an Expert person who deals in this field.

What is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a form of drug therapy meant to destroy rapidly growing cancer cells in the body. As cancer cells grows and divide faster than any other cells, Chemotherapy is usually used to treat it. We give Chemotherapy using both conventional and latest protocols that compare with the international standards of care.

Chemotherapy is often used in combination with other therapies, such as surgery, radiation, or hormone therapy. This depends on:

  • The stage and type of cancer you have
  • Your overall health
  • Previous cancer treatments you have undergone
  • The location of the cancer cells
  • Your personal treatment preferences

Also, it is important to note that Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment and works on the entire body.

What is Targeted Therapy?

Targeted Therapy is a cancer treatment that uses drugs, but is different from traditional Chemotherapy. Targeted Therapy works by targeting cancer's specific genes, proteins, or the tissue environment that contributes to cancer growth and survival. These genes and proteins are found in cancer cells or in cells related to cancer growth, like blood vessel cells. Doctors often use targeted therapy with chemotherapy and other treatments, so as to get maximum results.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy, also called biologic therapy, is a type of cancer treatment that boosts the body's natural defense to fight cancer. It uses substances made by the body or in a laboratory to improve or restore immune system function. Immunotherapy works by helping the immune system work better at destroying cancer cells.

Types of Immunotherapy:

  • Cancer vaccines
  • PD-1 Inhibitors
  • PDL -1 Inhibitors
  • CTLA-4 Inhibitors

What is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone Therapy is a cancer treatment that slows or stops the growth of cancer that uses hormones to grow. Hormone Therapy is also known as Endocrine Therapy. It is a form of targeted treatment which target specific hormonal pathway

Precision Oncology

With the help of modern diagnostic tests like NGS and Mutation profiles, individualised treatment is planned.

What is Haematology?

Haematology is the science or study of blood, blood forming organs and blood diseases.

Treatment offered in Haematology:

  • Benign Haematological Problems : Anemia, Bleeding Disorders, Platelet Disorders and Haemoglobinopathies
  • Haematological Malignancies: Leukemia, Lymphomas, Multiple Myeloma, Myelo Proliferative and Lymph Proliferative Disorders and Bone Marrow / Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Leukemia Induction / Consolidation Chemotherapy in adults / paediatrics
  • Out-patient based Chemotherapy for Myeloma, Lymphoma, Myelo Proliferative, Lympho ProliferativeDisordersandsometypesof Leukemia
  • Offer state-of-the-art Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation Facilities
  • Autologous and various types of Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation (Syngenic, Related, Unrelated, Cord and Haploidentical, to name a few)

Salient Features of Medical Oncology & Haematology:

  • Diagnosis and medical treatment of all type of cancers
  • Chemotherapy and targeted therapy for all types of cancers (day care and indoor facilities)
  • Guidance for screening and prevention of cancer
  • Genetic consultation for hereditary cancer
  • Palliative care and cancer pain management
  • Supportive care for all types of cancers
  • Diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders
  • Blood cancer and other blood disorders